Fiber Optics

Light Rod Conduit

Light rod conduit is made of dual components, core and clad, same as optical glass fiber.
Because diameter is thick, this is not flexible.
But, heating on fibers make it possible to bend optical path and, to taper tip diameter.
We have four types of glass rod, single rod, conduit, taper conduit. They are superior to transmit light in short distance and heat resistance.

  • glass rod : This rod is different from single rod, etc. This glass stick is made of single structure.
  • single rod : This rod is optical fiber glass stick, individual filamentous condition.
  • conduit : optical fibers in rod condition, amounts of thin optical fiber bundled and welded together
  • taper conduit : diameter on one edge and the other side are different, conic shape optical fiber.
light rod conduit


Shape Glass Rod Single Rod Conduit Taper Conduit
Fibers Various SOG-70S SOG-70
NA Various 0.57
Pieces of Fiber Filled (pcs) 1 1900〜1950
External Diameter φ0.5〜10 φ1〜10 φ2〜13 φ1.5〜13
Length 2〜900mm 2〜1000mm 2〜300mm consultation for 10mm〜
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