Fiber Optics


  • irradiation strength of ultraviolet rays : 3,800mW/cm² (wavelength 365nm)
  • Digital description of liquid crystal is convenient. Outside operation is possible.
  • By installing long life lamp, running cost is reduced.

Spectral Diagram

spectral diagram


Type LS-165UV
input power supply AC80~240V 50/60Hz
applied lamp DC 165W lamp type : LS-SHP-165
electricity consumption 230W
intensity(beginning) *3,800mW/cm² (wavelength 365nm)
lamp lifetime about 2,000hours (In the case that intensity is 40% less than beginning value,)
cooling pattern forced air cooling by fans
applied environments temperature : +5~+35℃ humidity less than 70%
outside dimensions W159×D352×H200(mm)except rubber feet and projections
Weight about 5.5kg
  • * φ5 quartz fiber is applied, and irradiation distance is 10mm.


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