Fiber Optics


  • customized LS-NTP-210 lamp, lifetime about 2000 hours
  • color temperature : 7,500K
  • Metal hallide lamp with long life is installed.
  • Digital LCD display is convenient for external operations.
  • By adding efficiency for condensation, high power irradiation is possible.
    (This is optimum light source for back light of line sensor camera.)

Spectral Diagram

spectral diagram


Type LS-M210
Input power supply AC80~240V 50/60Hz
Applied lamp DC 210W lamp type : LS-NTP-210
Consumption electricity 290W
Intensity of illumination(initial value) *exceeds one million lux
Lifetime for lamp about 2000 hours (when intensity is 40% lower against initial values,)
Color temperature 7,500K
Cooling type forced air cooling by fans
Applied environments temperature : +5~+35℃ humidity : less than 70%
Outside dimensions 159mm (W)×352mm (D)×200mm (H) except rubber feet and projections
Weight about 5.5Kg
  • * bundle diameter 5φ×L = 2000 Light guide, which is made of multi-component glass is applied.
    intensity of illumination on 500nm distance from output edge surface


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