Fiber Optics


LS-M250 applies direct current type of high efficient metal hallide lamp for light source.
And, mesh intensity control filter for light reduction is applied, make it possible to control intensity from 0% to 100%, without changing color shades.
This is optimum light source for high speed image processing and illumination for line sensor.

LS-M350 is high intensity of illumination type, multiplying 1.5 in comparison to LS-M250 in the past.
By outside control, operation for ON & OFF power supply, arranging intensity, shutter function, 4 filters installation are possible optionally.



  • Hexagonal rod lens is adopted(Intensity of illumination is consistent.) :
    By positioning hexagonal rod lens on lamp's focal point, it is nearly possible to make irregularity of illumination get rid of at the fiber's incoming surface.
  • Twin mirror system is adopted. (Intensity is increased.) :
    By combination of sphere mirror and ellipse mirror, became possible to concentrate all luminous flux, at any cost.
  • Cone plate is adopted. (It is applied for preventing emitting light on center part.) :
    It is possible to concentrate light bundle with small loss at the center. Thus, obtaining small intensity loss and beam bundle with small emission are possible.


LS-M250 LS-M350
Lamp lifetime 2000 hours 1500 hours
Color temperature of lamp 7500K 7000K
Lighting pattern DC lighting
Intensity of illumination (*reference value) exceeds one million lux
Stability for intensity of illumination ±1.25% ±3%
Intensity arrangement manual
(manual volume)
(manual volume)
Available range for intensity of illumination Intensity is arranged by non-step slit rotating board.
Shutter function option
Installing ways placing on the floor
Environmental temperature 5 ~ + 35 ℃
Outside dimensions W150×H217×D309 W170×H237×D339
Weight 6 kg 8 kg
Input voltage AC100V 50/60 Hz
Consumption electricity about 330W about 450W
Protective function stopping power output by detecting temperature
  • * These are the cases of bundle diameter 5φ×L=2000, multi-component glass light guide is applied, intensity of illumination, 50mm distance from output edge surface.

Spectral Diagram

spectral diagram





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