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Teluna -LED Head Light-

2014 Won the Firefighting emergency science technology  excellence Award

Teluna is LED head light which passed Japanese domestic explosion - proof test.
It was developed to achieve the toughness and lightness. It is functional head light by adopting high grade fire resistant polycarbonate case, in addition to explosion proof, dust proof and water proof.



  • LED head light of intrinsically safe
  • explosion proof structure
  • The case is consisted of high grade fire resistant polycarbonate.
  • It does not disturb the function of helmet as it is attached under the flange.
  • As it is designed as thin shape, it does not obstruct the view.
  • Wide beam which illuminates the short distance widely.
  • It illuminates stably and constantly for 4 hours with 3 pcs. of AA sized alkali battery.
    * In case of use of Panasonic LR6(XJ)
    * The battery is to be specified because of explosion proof.
Explosion proof , Dust proof , Water proof

Explosion Proof

Explosion proof head light which can be used in dangerous zone.

Accident in tunnel, we want to rescue soon. but we can't enter it ---
We want safety light with which we can confirm the condition of the accident site ---

TeLuna was developed by this kid of needs of fire fighter. It has been said that intrinsically safe explosion proof structure was not suitable for lighting which needs a lot of electric energy. But we could make it come true by using new technology. Teluna with the structure passed Japanese domestic explosion proof test for the first time as domestic products.

防爆構造:本質安全防爆構造ib 爆発等級:1 発火度:G1

Water Proof & Dust Proof

Head light which enables its users to act widely.

Polycarbonate is adopted for a case material which is strong against shock and a high grade fire resistant material is used for it ( UL94V-0).
And both of illumination part and the battery case are water & dust proof. They can be used at tough conditions. (IP55)


Advanced LED, GLED is used.

As a filament of light bulb is protected by glass ball, the chip of LED is also to be sealed. The seal material has been generally plastic such as silicone so far, but we succeeded a development of glass sealed LED (GLED) , we use it for Teluna as well. Compared with plastic sealed LED, GLED is superior in its durability, heat and lightness.

* Glass sealed LED is a collaborative product with Toyoda Gosei.


Wide Beam

GLED makes it be possible to illuminate brightly and widely.

Wide beam head light with GLED is suitable as an illumination for an operation at hand. And it is good for walking, too.

The illumination is suitable for a short distance widely and stably.


Functional design which is different
from the conventional head light.

Registration of design

As Teluna is designed to be attached under the flange of the helmet, it does not disturb the function of the helmet.
The thickness is about 15 mm so that it does not obstruct the view. For this applications, we use very small sized GLED, 1.1 mm square 6 pcs.
And by adopting hook and loop fastener, it is easy to be detached. This hook and loop fastener is heat resistant type, which is used for fireman uniform and flying wear.
The double sided tape to be used with the fastener is also heat resistant, it does not come off easily.

General Specifications

Battery AA sized alkali battery *1
Light source Georgia RA SU LED 6 sealing
Range of operating temperature 5 - 45℃ *2
Consecutive lighting time About 4 hours *3
Product IP grade IP55
Whole dimension Battery case Width 65 x Depth 35 x Height 120 (mm)
Body Width 170 x Depth 55 x Height 15 (mm)
Weight Battery case 180 g Body 65g
Material Polycarbonate (UL94V-0)
  • *1 If you are going to use Teluna as an explosive proof apparatus, you are requested to use Panasonic battery, LR6(XJ) or LR6 (XW)
  • *2 It depends on specifications of alkali battery. There would be liquid leakage out of the battery, if it would be used for a long time under high temperature circumstance. The operating time gets shorter under low temperature circumstance.
  • *3 Lighting time of maximum volume (25 ℃) After that, it gets dark gradually without lights out.
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